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We have prepared a piece of information about customs duties when you send parcels from Canada to Ukraine and vice versa.

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Our customers send parcels from Canada to Ukraine every day. Almost everyone is asking about customs duties. Let's find out - how and who calculates customs duty?

When you send a parcel to Ukraine costs up to 150€ are not subject to duty. When the parcel has already arrived at the destination, the recipient pays the dutyIf the parcel costs more than 150€, then the duty is calculated by the following method: The cost of the parcel - 150€ = 10% duty and 20% VAT

When you send a parcel from Ukraine to Canada, the recipient also pays for customs duty. However, if a parcel with a declared value of up to C$20, it won’t be subject to the duty. Who calculates the amount of duty? Customs of the delivery country. The percentage of duty varies from 0% to 18% depending on the shipped goods.

For each parcel that arrives in Canada and costs more than C$20, you need customs clearance - a service provided by a customs broker. For customs clearance of goods, the broker charges a fee (brokerage fee). In turn, the customs broker acts on behalf of the Canadian government.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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