Sending money to Ukraine

Meest offers two types of money transfers from Canada to Ukraine:

1. Transfer to PrivatBank and Aval bank branches - in US dollars. The transfer will be available in the bank on the next business day.

The transfer can be received at any branch of the bank throughout the territory of Ukraine* or through the Privat24 application.

To receive a transfer at the Aval branch, you do not need a bank account or a card!

Bank transfers are available to the recipient on the next business day.

The transfer is kept in the bank for 30 working days.

How to receive a transfer through the Privat24 application?

  • The recipient must open the Privat24 application
  • Go to the "Service" menu
  • Select "International transfers"
  • Select Meest
  • Enter the transfer number

2. The transfer, which will be delivered in cash by courier to the recipient's home address* - in US dollars, Canadian dollars and hryvnias.

The transfer will be delivered to the recipient within 14 working days.

*regions without current active military actions.


Rates for money transfers depend on transfer amount. Prices are the same throughout Canada.

Amount / Rates
Country $10-100 $101-200 $201-300 $301-400 $401-500 $501-600 $601-700 $701-800 $801-900 $901-1000 $1,000+
Bank Aval 6 10 12 12 12 16 19 22 22 22 2%
Privatbank 6 10 12 12 12 16 19 22 22 22 2%
Home Delivery 6 10 12 12 12 16 19 22 22 22 2%

* For Ukraine only: Meest also offers delivery service directly to the hands of recipients in any city or village. Delivery charge: $15 for up to $1,500 and 1% for more than $1,500. Total cost of door to door service is the price indicated in the table plus the delivery charge.


  • To transfer funds, the sender must visit Meest offices and complete an order form and indicate his/her home address and telephone number.
  • For money transfers of $1,000 and over the sender must present an identification document and provide date of birth and occupation, as per anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations.
  • NOTE: the spelling of the first and last name of the recipient on the Order Form must match exactly the spelling of the recipient’s name in his/her passport.


When receiving a money transfer at a Ukrainian bank:

  • present a passport;
  • have a 6-digit money transfer control number issued by Meest to the sender after completion of an Order Form. The sender is responsible for informing the recipient of this number;
  • know the first and last name of the sender;
  • know the total amount of the money transfer, and
  • know the system by which this transfer was sent – MEEST System for PrivatBank or AVAL-Express for Raiffeisen Bank Aval
  • Please note: Bank branches in some small towns of Ukraine may not have large amounts of cash on hand, which can create delays in payment of transfers.   
  • Prices for money transfers to banks in Ukraine depend on transfer amount and origin (country, state or province) of transfer.

How to receive a transfer at any PrivatBank branch

  • present to a bank employee a PrivatBank card or passport.
  • Inform the details of the transfer: control number of the transfer, surname and name of the sender, amount and currency of the transfer.
  • If the recipient does not have a PrivatBank card, the Payment Card can be opened (if the customer wishes). There is no fee for the payment card. This card will allow the client to receive transfers online, at ATMs and terminals, as well as by phone.


  • Money orders are delivered by Meest’s courier service directly to the addressees.
  • After delivery, written confirmation with the recipient’s signature is available.  Meest fully guarantees delivery of the money transfers directly to the recipients.
  • Delivery times for money orders to Ukraine are between 3 and 20 business days.
  • Total fee for money transfers with delivery to the hands of recipient in Ukraine is based on transfer amount, and delivery charge within Ukraine.
  • There are limits on order amounts for money transfers delivered by courier in Ukraine - please call our head office for more information.
  • Money transfers sent with hand delivery by courier in Ukraine are delivered in US or Canadian dollars or Ukrainian Hryvnia. Should the recipient select Hryvnia, foreign currencies will be converted into UAH according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate effective on the date of delivery of the money order.

If you have any questions concerning transferring money to Ukraine with courier delivery, please contact our agents or the head office of Meest Corporation Inc.

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