Meest - 645a3c511c8ec01fbc1e9ada6b47d499 1 Meest - chat Company news 22.02.2024 Meest Resumes Parcel Shipping to Israel by Air

We have resumed delivery from Canada to Israel!

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Meest - 90ea89d1fbf884bdf033d98d9551b6f6 1 Meest - chat Company news 16.02.2024 Delicious Deliveries: A Guide to Sending Food to Ukraine

Sending delicious surprises to Ukraine just got easier with Meest Canada's speedy international shipping. While it used to be a challenge, now your food parcels in Ukraine can arrive in a matter of 2 weeks. However, following proper shipping procedures for the edibles to remain safe is essential. In this article, we'll guide you on how to send food to Ukraine.

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Meest - 60c1a6a902679221d86bd19041a6d9b7 1 Meest - chat Company news 12.02.2024 Navigating Customs Clearance in Canada and Ukraine

International items entering Canada are visually inspected for Canadian customs clearance. Duty-free packages get released immediately, while those needing extra checks or duty payments are held back. When do you clear customs in Canada? Are you curious about the customs import clearance rules, or can you skip the customs broker?

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Meest - bca954a086cdd2eb945fe527806e12ef 1 Meest - chat Company news 09.02.2024 Money Transfers to Ukraine with Meest Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide

We are lucky to live in a time where sending money from Canada to Ukraine quickly and securely is easy. No matter the distance, whether from Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, or Montreal, you can send money and have it received in Ukraine by the next business day. Let's look at how to send money to Ukraine with Meest.

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Meest - ac51dcda42b4ab2d6208a2469c7ee782 1 Meest - chat Company news 05.02.2024 What Items Can You Ship from Ukraine to Canada?

Planning to send a package to Canada? Count on Meest Canada for dependable international delivery from Canada to more than 63 countries. Before you ship, look at the list of prohibited items and international shipping rules to understand what you can send to Canada.

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Meest - baea973417ca358bc9ba387488721e6f 1 Meest - chat Company news 19.01.2024 Meest Opens New Office in Mississauga, Ontario

We invite you to visit our new, modern office

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Meest - 9a6f4f13ea54c3bcf058d9c36dd7142b 1 Meest - chat Company news 11.01.2024 We want your opinion about Meest

tell us what you think about our services

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Meest - 6a07e8538dab4c413f7869169bf07d07 1 Meest - chat Company news 29.12.2023 WARMEST WISHES TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

Meest team sincerely wishes you Merry and Peaceful holidays!

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Meest - 5a2957921b818ac0d1f489ad04493ae4 1 Meest - chat Company news 28.12.2023 Dear customers, Important announcement!

Tomorrow, December 29th, our main office will be open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Meest - 9354abac7fcdbdec326a1f3f4248bf6a 1 Meest - chat Company news 18.12.2023 Shop for Great Gifts to Send from Canada with Meest

No matter the distance, showing love and affection to a dear one through a thoughtful gift is always possible. You can always shop for any gifts to send from Canada worldwide, and Meest Canada is happy to help you with this mission. Learn more about swift gift delivery to your loved ones below.

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Meest - ebe398f7d29e2a40ac4715b76ee4c0b5 1 Meest - chat Company news 13.12.2023 Meest Experts Recommend: What Is the Best Shipping Box for a Laptop to Ship from Canada

For over 35 years, Meest Canada has been reliably transporting valuable cargo globally, providing diverse options for collecting shipments and ensuring swift delivery to recipients. Completing customs documents and appropriately packing your equipment is crucial if you create a shipment independently on the website. Let's delve into selecting the optimal shipping box for a laptop to ensure its safety during transit.

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Meest - c99640c24d351d31ca050c547bdbd195 1 Meest - chat Company news 12.12.2023 Sending packages from Ukraine to Canada is much cheaper

Big news for our customers!

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Meest - d021aa4f9bd80ac08c5d5f933673ca4e 1 Meest - chat Company news 04.12.2023 Limit for Canadian Customs: How to Send a Parcel without Paying Duty with Meest Canada

Meest Canada stands out for its swift delivery and reasonable prices, making it a convenient option for shipping parcels globally from Canada. Ensuring proper completion of accompanying documents is crucial to avoid surpassing limits for Canadian customs and adhere to the recipient's country regulations for swift package delivery. For further details on Canadian customs limits, you can explore additional information below.

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Meest - 14dcc85d373120eef0b06c8190267710 1 Meest - chat Company news 27.11.2023 Meest Shipping: How to Send a Package Overseas to Ukraine from Canada

More and more people worldwide use international delivery services to send items between countries. Meest Canada has been one of the famous and successful companies providing logistics services to Ukraine and around the world for 35 years. The company continues to ensure delivery is fast and affordable to every client. Below, we will describe how to send a package overseas to Ukraine.

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Meest - 3a09df2c82108f9aea885a5bdbb6e22d 1 Meest - chat Company news 23.11.2023 Parcels to Ukraine with delivery to 400+ Meest Post branches

Parcels are delivered to Ukraine to recipient home address or to Meest Post branches

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Meest - 15afc8d9cbd8027b3d43a4014bdd16fb 1 Meest - chat Company news 22.11.2023 How to Send a Gift for the Holiday Season so that It Arrives Promptly

The Christmas rush has already begun! Meest Canada is already expecting to process a record number of orders before the holiday. We'll teach you how to send a gift so that it arrives promptly and reaches the recipient on time.

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Meest - 88600d139122d5002af8ed10a44e8f73 1 Meest - chat Company news 21.11.2023 New Chief Operations Director of Meest Corporation Inc.

Meest Corporation Inc. Welcomes Ivan Marchenko as New Chief Operations Officer

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Meest - 5135599b640f7b7f8cbc3d30823ef01b 1 Meest - chat Company news 20.11.2023 Let’s Find the Best Way to Send Money To Ukraine

Convenience, high speed, and low cost have allowed international money transfer services to gain great popularity. Naturally, every sender wants to find the best way to send money internationally. Meest Canada offers several options for saving money significantly and safely delivering cash to the recipient.

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Meest - 69f7b1ebc17628308b88f071d55879cc 1 Meest - chat Company news 20.11.2023 Meest turns 34!

This Sunday, Meest turned 34! Meest was established in 1989 by immigrants from Ukraine, Rostyslav, and Anna Kisil.
For many years, we have helped connect you with your family and friends in Ukraine and other European and Asian countries.

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Meest - 08c385ddb1ca4d2ecee2bececd8f188c 1 Meest - chat Company news 17.11.2023 Remember to Check the Canadian List of Prohibited Goods to Avoid Trouble

Meest Canada is the trendiest method of delivering goods from Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal to countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Parcels arrive quickly and are easily tracked. Creating a shipment on the Meest Portal without spending much time on paperwork is enough for successful shipping. In this case, it is essential to remember the list of prohibited goods for Canada to avoid issues with customs clearance.

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