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Meest headquarters is open on saturdays

Dear customers, we inform you of the changes to the hours of operation of the Meest Headquarters.

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835661770cf4eedb998249a635e544b1 alt Company news 11.06.2020

Changes to the Meest Headquartes hours of operations

Dear customers, we inform you of the changes to the hours of operation of the Meest Headquarters.

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848f19f9d4d6e41b2e19f4c26e999da6 alt Company news 10.21.2020

Save the date to send your Christmas shipments to Ukraine

Your Christmas shipments and presents should be delivered on time before the holidays.

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d2c2eeb911c96a6c7da21e6fb536ed27 alt Company news 10.07.2020

Parcel shipments to Armenia are temporarily postponed

Considering the current situation due to the cancellation of flights to Yerevan, parcel shipments to Armenia would be temporarily postponed.

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50dda6072069e7c777dde385adbe0b5d alt Company news 09.16.2020

Meest portal - the new level of convenient shipping

To make shipments to Ukraine and other countries easier, as well as to improve usability, Meest corporation launched Meest Portal.

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2b5310273ffa00def48e855dfeb48725 alt Company news 03.20.2020

Head office's working hours

Working hours from May 4, 2020

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03d9605a0adeb30ba929aff7f92e1ac7 alt Company news 03.17.2020


Meest Corporation Inc. is carefully monitoring the situation around the Coronavirus disease...

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6124f6ac88d91d980949c4755b8faa29 alt Company news 03.13.2020

Update on Coronavirus outbrake (COVID – 19)

We will post updates as new information becomes available...

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dbf15232005163cce8c624d358ee10d4 alt Company news 02.28.2020

First Steps in Vyshyvanka

Ukrainian Canadians are well known for their cultural, spiritual and social unity. They are defenders of Ukrainian culture and traditions...

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6359d4dcf613c95b459d8e278faef96d alt Company news 12.23.2019

Holiday Season Schedule

Our main office schedule for holidays

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1480e70f4baa90be114b1d8ce81bdec7 alt Company news 12.11.2019

New Customs Limit in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan

We would like to inform you about new conditions of importation of goods without payment of customs duties into the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan

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