Meest Canada 2023-08-11

Your package will help Ukrainian kids get ready for school!


Meest Canada and MOUG "Fourth Wave," with the help of the Encyclopaedia Foundation of Ukraine, are organizing a special charity event called "Backpack for a Student."

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This event is meant to help kids in Ukraine who are studying despite the challenges of a big war.

Until September 1st, whenever you send a package, Meest will give $5 Canadian dollars to buy school things for kids who need help to start school in 2023.

To make lots of kids happy and ready for school:

  • Send packages with school clothes and things to kids in Ukraine and Europe.
  • Meest will give $5 for each of your packages to MOUG "Fourth Wave."
  • If you want, you can also give money to support this idea on the MOUG "Fourth Wave" website at this link

You can send parcels in any convenient way for you:

1. Via Meest agent

2. Register your package at Meest Portal and

For new users of the portal, there is an automatic discount of $10 on the first package until August 31. 

Let's help more kids before the new school year!

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