Meest Canada 2023-12-13

Sending packages from Ukraine to Canada is much cheaper


Big news for our customers!

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From December 12 to the end of March, sending packages from Ukraine to Canada is much cheaper - you can save up to 65%.

Here's what this means:

  • These lower prices start on December 12.
  • This discount is for packages you register at Meest Postha locations in Ukraine or or through Meest Poshta website or mobile app.
  • Even better! If you register your package online, it costs even less - you save an extra UAH 50.

How to send a package online or in app?

  • First, sign up on our website or download our app.
  • Then, fill out the details for your package and pay online.
  • Finally, bring your package to any Meest Poshta office in Ukraine – the type of office depends on the weight of the parcel.

It saves you time and money.

If we deliver your package to a warehouse in Toronto or to your home, everything is paid for. No extra costs.

You can also send packages and pay when they arrive in Canada. To do so, fill in the Post-Payment form here.

Hurry and receive gifts and desired items from Ukraine with this great deal!

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