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First Steps in Vyshyvanka


Ukrainian Canadians are well known for their cultural, spiritual and social unity. They are defenders of Ukrainian culture and traditions...

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Ukrainian Canadians are well known for their cultural, spiritual and social unity. They are defenders of Ukrainian culture and traditions. To distinguish one nation from another, you need to remember about your origin, know your traditions and wear Vyshyvanka.

Meest Corporation is helping every Ukrainian born in Canada, to have Ukrainian spirit and present them Vyshyvanka. Meest is convinced that from the first steps of a child's life, Ukrainian Canadians should continue to honor their values and traditions.

The first steps of Ukrainian children are not easy, as well as the first achievements. That’s why it’s important that babies feel the protection, support, and love of their parents. Children should know their history, their national clothing - Vyshyvanka. When parents dress their children in Vyshyvanka, they pass their faith for the unique future of their children. Vyshyvanka is a children’s defender.

How to get Vyshyvanka?

1. Fill out the application

Parents of a newborn or his relatives, or family friends, must complete the application fill out the form below -

You should provide all the necessary information in the application to help us pick up the best Vyshyvanka for the child.

2. Choose a preferred method of delivery

After receiving the application Meest representatives will contact you and choose the best method for delivery:

  • If you live in GTA, you can pick up Vyshyvanka at the Head Office: 97 Six Points Rd. Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2X3
  • If you live in GTA and unable to pick up Vyshyvanka or you live outside the GTA, Meest will send the Vyshyvanka to your address.

3. Get the Vyshyvanka and take a photo

Take a picture of your child wearing Vyshyvanka as proof that you have received a gift from Meest. Send this photo to [email protected].

You can submit your applications for Vyshyvanka a month before the birth of your child or within 12 months following the birth. The program "The First Steps in Vyshyvanka " works all year round.

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