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More Detail About How Long Standard Shipping Takes in Canada


Let’s discover more about the terms of delivery, your expectations from service, and the procedure for standard shipping in Canada.

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Any delivery service customer needs to know how much the service costs. But how long does standard shipping take in Canada? The first question can be quickly answered by determining the company's tariff, the country of delivery, and the parcel volume. With the help of an online calculator, you can figure out everything in a few minutes. Let’s discover more about the terms of delivery, your expectations from service, and the procedure for standard shipping in Canada.

What Does Standard Shipping Mean?

The term Standard refers to shipping, which is one of the most budget-friendly order fulfillment options. This means using the primary service offered by postal services to deliver goods to the addressee. This type of delivery is accepted if you are ready to wait for some time, having gone through all the standard preparatory procedures.

Meest Canada Standard Delivery Procedure

We at Meest deliver parcels to Baltic countries, Ukraine, and other European countries from Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal — the main cities of Canadian provinces, as well as from smaller towns and villages. You should go through a simple procedure:

  1. Register your parcel at the nearest Meest office in Canada or through the Meest portal.
  2. If you register at the Meest portal, you can also drop your package off at any Canada Post or order courier home pick-up service to pick up your package directly from your home.
  3. Check the tariff and make payments.
  4. Track your parcel with Meest tracking.
  5. Customs clearance. When the goods reach Ukraine or any of the 62 countries Meest delivers to, they go to customs and are cleared and controlled.
  6. Delivery in Ukraine or any of the 62 destination countries.

How Do I Send a Package with Meest if I Haven’t Any Meest Agents in My City?

To have your package delivered with Meest Canada, register at Meest Portal and drop your package off at any Canada Post office or order courier home pick-up service.

How Long Does Standard Shipping Take in Canada?

There is a separate delivery rate for international packages with a weight below or above 5 kg. How long do customers languish in waiting for their delivery?

Logically, two factors influence Canada's standard shipping time: the distance and the path that the parcel will go through, by sea or by air. All urgent deliveries are carried out by air.

  • Shipping from Toronto to Ukraine takes up to 4 weeks by sea and up to 2 weeks by air.
  • Shipping from Ontario to Ukraine takes about 5 weeks by sea and up to 3 weeks by air.
  • Shipping from Chicago will take about 4 weeks by sea and 2 weeks by air.
  • Shipping from Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan takes 7-9 weeks by sea and 4-6 weeks by air.

If delivered to any other country in Europe, the parcel will go on average from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the type of transportation.

How Does the Parcel Weight Affect the Delivery?

There are two actual gradations by weight for standard delivery — parcels up to 5 kg and above.

  • When you send a parcel or a letter (up to 5 kg), you pay a fixed price for delivery of 10-30 CAD.
  • For heavier loads, you pay 15 CAD for local shipping, plus 4.45-8.45 CAD per kg if shipped by sea and 8.45-11.95 CAD per kg if shipped by air.

What Else Do You Need to Remember about Standard Shipping In Canada?

Your parcel must be securely packaged and documented adequately with the correct address of the sender and recipient. Warn your manager about fragile items; your box will be marked as Fragile.

The cost of your package may be affected by the space size it takes in the transport, not by the actual weight.

So, whether you have used the Meest Canada services before or decided to order delivery for the first time, you can easily estimate how much it will cost and how long to wait for a standard international delivery.

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