Meest Canada 2021-10-29

Easy shopping in Ukraine with Meest.Shopping


On October 18th, 2021, Meest launched a new service called Meest.Shopping to allow fellow Canadians and Americans to order a wide assortment of goods in Ukrainian online shops with direct delivery to Canada and the USA.

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Our new Meest.Shopping website is the right place for safe and easy shopping for your favorite goods from Ukraine. Here one can also consolidate purchases from different shops into one package, and order direct delivery to Canada and USA.

Consolidation of purchases allows to save money on shipping, and that is very important while shopping abroad!

Customers can use one of 4 convenient options to shop their favorites:

  1. Download Meest Cart Chrome Extention and shop across multiple online shops, while the purchases would be consolidated into one parcel.

  2. Find the link to your favorite goods and send it to us. Our concierge service Buy In 1 Click would buy it for you, and send it to you ASAP!

  3. Shop at Bestsellers part of our website, where we carefully select the best goods and deals across multiple Ukrainian online shops. If you want to save time, don't go anywhere - shop Bestsellers at Meest.Shopping!

  4. Install myMeest mobile app and shop on the go from your mobile phone. Also, installing myMeest mobile app will allow you to have a free warehouse address in Ukraine to deliver your purchases!

We also took care of safe check-out. All goods are checked out via a safe payment gateway that accepts the majority of Canadian and American cards. Your information is safe and it's never passed along to any third parties or websites.

You choose your goods, you order them, you pay and track your package. It would arrive shortly for you to enjoy your purchase.

Check our new service Meest.Shopping at and let us know what you think in our Facebook @meest shopping.

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