Meest Canada 2021-11-18

Deadlines to send your Christmas AVIA shipments


Your Christmas shipments and presents should be delivered on time before the holidays. Meest will deliver your Christmas presents if you drop off your AVIA shipments to Meest headquarters before the following dates.

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Please keep in mind the following deadlines to send your Christmas AVIA parcels:

  • Parcels to be delivered for St. Nicolas Day - send them before December 1st
  • Parcels to be delivered for Christmas and New Year - send them before December 7th

If you live far away from the Meest office, you can drop off your shipment to Meest at any Canada Post location or Meest Agent.

To do so you need to:

  1. Register at Meest Portal
  2. Register your shipment online
  3. Drop your shipment off at any Canada Post location or Meest agent.
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