Meest Canada 2020-05-08

Update on Coronavirus outbrake (COVID – 19)


We will post updates as new information becomes available...

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Dear customers,

Meest Corporation Inc. is carefully monitoring the situation around the Coronavirus disease (COVID - 19) and is committed to continuing to serve our valued customers as best as possible. Currently, there are no restrictions in regards to sending parcels from Canada and the USA.

We will post updates as new information becomes available. Should you need further information, have any concerns or queries, please feel free to contact your local Meest agent or customer service representative.

Please note that accordingly to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, starting March 16th Ukraine will close the border for foreign citizens for two weeks. Ukrainian citizens will be able to return to Ukraine. The restrictions imposed do not affect international parcel delivery, international freight traffic will not stop. Accordingly, to The World Health Organisation, there is no risk of getting the virus thought the package delivery. 

For further general information on the Coronavirus outbreak, please refer to the World Health Organization.

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