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We're giving away tickets to the BOOMBOX concert!

We're giving away tickets to the BOOMBOX concert!

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an incredible concert and spend an unforgettable evening with friends or loved ones!

We're giving away 2 tickets for each city:
📍 Vancouver - April 3
📍 Chicago - April 13
📍 Calgary - April 24
📍 Edmonton - April 25
📍 Montreal - April 27
📍 Toronto - April 28

Register and participate in the giveaway! The winner will be chosen randomly using
April 1st in Vancouver; April 11th in Chicago; April 21st in Calgary; April 22nd in Edmonton; April 25th in Montreal; April 25th in Toronto.

Send EASTER parcels to your loved ones

here and


*promo is applicable only for new Meest Portal users

  1. Register your package at Meest Portal.
  2. Declare shipment details (contents and value).
  3. Select destination country from the list of 63 countries;
    and delivery type: sea or air;
    also, choose parcel drop-off method:
    - at any Canada Post office
    - home parcel pick-up by our partner Canpar.
  4. Sign the order online and make online payment for the service.
    Your discount will be applied automatically at the checkout screen.
  5. Press "Print Label" and print your Barcode label. You will receive a Barcode Label by email as well.
    Print THE BARCODE LABEL and stick it properly to your parcel.
    You can print the label on a regular printer at home.
  6. DROP-OFF your parcel to the location of your drop-off choice:
    - at any Canada Post office
    - or await for a courier that will pick up your parcel from home.

Промо! Сәлемдемелерді Қазақстанға $15 CAD жеңілдікпен жөнелтіңіз!

Sending packages from Ukraine to Canada is much cheaper

Наурыз мейрамына жақындарыңызға сыйлықтар жіберуді жоспарлап отырсыз ба? Ондай болса Сіздер үшін біздің жақсы жаңалығымыз бар!

NOWRUZ промо-кодымен Канададан Қазақстанға сәлемдемелеріңізді жеткізуге 15 CAD жеңілдік алыңыз!

Акция шарттары:

  • ӘУЕМЕН және ТЕҢІЗБЕН жөнелтілетін сәлемдемелерге;
  • Сәлемдеменің ең аз салмағы - 10 кг бастап;
  • Акция 23 ақпаннан 23 сәуірге дейін әрекет етеді..

Алыста болсаңыз да махаббат пен қамқорлығыңызды білдіріңіз. Осы тиімді ұсынысты пайдаланыңыз

Promo! Send parcels to Kazakhstan with a $15 CAD discount!

Planning to send gifts to your loved ones for the Nowruz holiday? We have exciting news for you!
Get a $15 CAD OFF your parcel shipment from Canada to Kazakhstan using the promo code NOWRUZ

Promo conditions:

  • For AIR and SEA shipments;
  • Minimum parcel weight: starting from 10 kg;
  • The promo is valid from February 23 to April 23.

Express your love and care from afar.
Send your parcels to Kazakhstan with Meest Canada.

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